Cuttin Edge Technology

Consumer and enterprise bandwidth consumption increased exponentially, and as a result, telecom operators must invest billions in infrastructure in order to meet that demand. At the same time, the most outstanding actors manage to provide services to consumers and businesses without sharing profits with telecom operators. Dealing with the exponential growth of infrastructure costs becomes a challenge for telecom operators, who, at the same time, do not experience a proportional increase in their profitability.

As a result, many of our customers embarked on multi-year transformation programs in order to optimize their operations, rethink their infrastructure and property management, and experiment with new business models.

Avasant assists companies in the state-of-the-art technology and telecommunications sectors in four areas: revenue acceleration, strategic cost optimization, digital and it transformation, and business strategy.

As the boundary between being a software, hardware and services company becomes fuzzy, corporate customers increasingly look for managed solutions that can be launched at zero cost and companies must incorporate new business models to sell More than a software or a hardware.

Some industry leaders build internal capabilities to deliver managed solutions, while others achieve creative agreements with service providers to increase their market-oriented product offerings. Our solutions are customized and transformer-focused, focusing on how each customer can modernize their financial methods in the digital age.

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