Types of Technology

The technology is to apply the science to give with the solution of determined problems. We can say that it is a group of knowledge ordered in a scientific way I give the possibility of singing the creation and design of goods or services which are able to facilitate the adaptation to the environment, improve the quality of life of the people , getting to meet human needs. Today we will see what types of technology exist and what are their main characteristics, are you ready?

Technology classes Now that we have just seen what technology is, let’s see what types of technology we can distinguish and how they are used to improve the life and environment of human beings: Fixed technology Fixed technology is the type of technology that is characterized by not being able to reuse. That is to say, once it is employed, it cannot be used again in the creation of any other good or service.

Another feature that defines fixed technology is that, as its name implies, it is continuous or fixed in time and does not change, unlike most available technologies. An example of fixed technology can be the oil refinery, since it never changes over time.

Soft technology Soft technologies are those that have to do with human relations and socialization procedures. They are not tangible technologies, as are hard technologies. By establishing a comparison so that it is better understood, we can compare soft technologies with the “software” of a PC, which is intangible, since it cannot be touched, whereas the hard technologies can be compared with the “hardware” of that same PC, Tangible technology that you can touch with your hands. A clear example of soft technology would apply to statistics, since it collects data, for later to perform a statistical interpretation of the same.
Hard Technology

The hard technology is the one that is in charge of the transformation of the different materials related to the production and construction of objects and machines.
In other words, it is a type of technology dedicated to the production of products that can be touched, which are tangible. To make it a little clearer, let’s look at some of the most common examples of hard technology.
Classic examples of hard technology:

PC hardware: As we have seen in the Soft technology section, a valid example of hard technology can be the PC hardware. Smartphones: Popular smartphones are some of the most common types of hard technology we can find today. Production machinery: They are the machines that are found in the factories and that appeared with the Industrial Revolution. And they are also an example of hard technology. Radio: The classic Radio is an example of hard technology, however, the radio that we find in the smartphone, being an app, would be in this case considered as soft technology.

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